Personal movement sessions with Rebecca are a potent tool for exploring your own embodiment, energy and being.

  • Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your dance or life
  • There is an area of your body that is tight or frozen
  • You’re wanting to understand an aspect of life or self through the body’s wisdom
  • There’s a desire to move challenging emotions like anger, desire or fear
  • You want to discover yourself by moving with innate archetypal patterns

These sessions are a co-creative process and may incorporate energy practices, visualisation, breath, sound, anatomy, embryology or visual arts. Sometimes Aquatic Therapy is an appropriate extension. Nothing softens and opens the body like water.

If your curiosity is sparked, reach out for a free discovery call to find out whether this feels right for you right now.

“On the dance floor we explore the full spectrum of our emotions. We learn about relationship - to ourselves, others, the group, earth and beyond. We play with the many flavours of our expression – big, subtle, bold, angry, sensual, fearful. We master attunement.”

We master attunement.