Rebecca loves sharing dance with outreach communities. She feels honoured to connect with diverse people in such an authentic and honest way. Dance is unifying. It allows us to feel safe in our bodies, to express our emotional world, to experience being in community and being seen. She has taught classes to recovering addicts, at-risk youth, veterans, the elderly, incarcerated women and people with mental health issues.

Rebecca has close to ten years experience bringing movement to people in drug and alcohol recovery. She loves this community. They’re on a journey of surrender and truth seeking. She's designed a movement program that aligns with the twelve-step recovery program. This inclusive program meets people where they are at. Anyone can participate and enjoy it.

Contact Rebecca if you're interested in bringing movement to your community.

“On the dance floor we explore the full spectrum of our emotions. We learn about relationship - to ourselves, others, the group, earth and beyond. We play with the many flavours of our expression – big, subtle, bold, angry, sensual, fearful. We master attunement.”

We master attunement.