When dancing, the intuitive flow of body-mind-spirit connects us to self, other, our environment and beyond. And so each Dance Attuned class is an intimate, deep dive into inquisitive movement. Together we respond to relational attunement in a way that is grounded, expansive, creative and original. Themes vary; we may explore the subtlety of the body, the latent boldness of our expression, meeting in relationship, occupying space, our tender hearts, or energetic attunement. The creative possibilities are limitless.

Class content is accessible to all levels, with no specific steps to follow or expectations for how to move. There is a clear intention for each class, and the space is safe and contained. Together we co-create an experience rich in community, acceptance, creative expression, insight and that exquisite feeling of freedom and joy so generously offered on the dance floor.

This class is deep and playful. Rebecca holds the space sensitively while guiding the group to attune to themselves and each other. You feel her passion for movement. How it supports us to build somatic intelligence and expand our body's vocabulary.

Dance Attuned weaves in Rebecca's lifetime of dance experience including 5Rhythms, Sylvie Minot’s Medicine Circle, Body Mind Centering, Authentic Movement and Open Floor. Her outreach dance classes to recovering addicts, veterans and incarcerated women have a strong influence on her work as does her exploration of many yoga, movement, breath and somatic practices. She is also a certified WaterDance™️ Practitioner.

“On the dance floor we explore the full spectrum of our emotions. We learn about relationship - to ourselves, others, the group, earth and beyond. We play with the many flavours of our expression – big, subtle, bold, angry, sensual, fearful. We master attunement.”

We master attunement.