It is now recognised that trauma resides in the body and nervous system, and that healing practices such as Aquatic Therapy that incorporate movement and touch can amplify the benefits of traditional psychology and psychotherapy. It invites a sense of freedom and comfort in the body, a relaxing of the nervous system and an experience of feeling safe, held and witnessed by the Practitioner. All this builds capacity in the body for change. For repatterning the traumatic experience into something more life affirming. Rebecca’s Aquatic Therapy offering is deeply informed by Polyvagal Theory, the research of Bessel Van Der Kolk and Attachment theory. She collaborates closely with other mental health care professionals.


The warm water is a potent environment for integrating peak spiritual and emotional experiences. This may include medicine journeys. The water offers safety, and deep relaxation to the nervous system. In this environment, supported by movement, touch and the practitioner as witness, the body is able to move with or release any disruptive energy. This can be profoundly healing, enabling wisdom and insight to be integrated and embodied into everyday life and relationships.

“The water's gifts are profound, offering learning and healing around trust, surrender, softening, fear, intimacy, creative flow, birth, death, our interconnectedness and receiving greater love. As a guide, I hold a space of compassion and emergence inviting you to connect deeply with your felt experience in this moment. From that place so much is revealed.”


The water is love.