The Warm Water Meditation and Float is deeply nourishing and restorative to mind, body and spirit. Held in a private and heated hydrotherapy pool, it's a unique and potent meditation experience.

So how does one meditate in warm water? Is it like swimming or taking a bath?

It's something different again. This is a Movement Meditation. You start with your body low in the water, feet on the ground and eyes closed. Rebecca guides the group in a breath and body exploration inviting you to move in whatever way feels true. You find that the water offers an expanded experience of movement and subtle sentience. You sense your breath and how it moves you physically, relaxing, softening and unravelling. Time shifts and you experience a merging and oneness with your surroundings. There is a fluidity and dance-like quality to the exploration. At some point you may encounter other bodies. This adds another dimension to the experience.

After the meditation, there is opportunity to pair up and hold another in the water. This floating experience is a natural progression. Rebecca guides you in a basic position accessible for all. So bring a loved one or just bring yourself. It is the perfect introduction to Aquatic Therapy.

Water has a unique way of transmuting energy that isn't beneficial. You feel relaxed, reset and connected.

“The water's gifts are profound, offering learning and healing around trust, surrender, softening, fear, intimacy, creative flow, birth, death, our interconnectedness and receiving greater love. As a guide, I hold a space of compassion and emergence inviting you to connect deeply with your felt experience in this moment. From that place so much is revealed.”


The water is love.