A somatic practice that couples explore together. Holding one another in the water, couples rest in presence together, breathing in unity, and practicing holding space for each other. Couples Sessions are very bonding, heart opening and healing for both the giver and receiver. Couples connect deeply, without story, words or sexual intimacy. Couples Sessions add an experiential dimension to couples therapy. A way to embody together what's known and understood cognitively. To hold another body this way we attune to it. We sense its breathing and deep rhythms. There is unconditional love.

Couples Sessions start with a movement meditation in the water. This brings everyone to a state of presence, softness and attunement. Couples are then guided in how to hold one another. This may include some basic Aquatic Therapy movements. Rebecca is there supporting you throughout the process. There is space and time for sharing at the beginning and end of the session.

Prior to participating in a Couples Session, each individual has an individual session with Rebecca. These are scheduled for different days and times so that each partner can know the experience of having someone completely present and attentive to their responses. It's essential to have a felt sense of this before holding space for your partner.

“The water's gifts are profound, offering learning and healing around trust, surrender, softening, fear, intimacy, creative flow, birth, death, our interconnectedness and receiving greater love. As a guide, I hold a space of compassion and emergence inviting you to connect deeply with your felt experience in this moment. From that place so much is revealed.”


The water is love.