Aquatic Therapy (often called Watsu or Aquatic Bodywork) was created in the early 1980’s in California and Europe. Resting back into the arms of the practitioner you are floated, stretched, cradled, massaged and moved through warm water (34.5°C). With the use of a nose clip there is also the option of being submerged underwater.

Aquatic Therapy offers a calming of the nervous system, deep peace and relaxation, and greater inner awareness. The gentle nature of water can be highly supportive to pain and physical injuries. Water is a profound conduit for healing, and sessions may offer an exploration on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

On a physical level, benefits may include release of pain and tension, muscle, joint and spine care, fuller deeper breathing and improved sleep and digestion. Emotional benefits include reduction in anxiety and stress and processing of fear, grief and life changes. Aquatic Therapy can be highly supportive during pregnancy.

Part MASSAGE, part FLOAT TANK, part MEDITATION, part ENERGY HEALING, part DANCE, the Aquatic Therapy experience is multi-sensorial and has indescribable qualities. Each session is unique – it may be still or dynamic, playful, graceful or anything in between. It is common to access feelings of trust, freedom and presence at a level elusive in everyday life.


Anyone can benefit from Aquatic Therapy and the healing properties of warm water. My clients include stressed professionals, sufferers of physical injury, arthritis and fibromyalgia, pregnant women, meditators, anxious students and parents. Those who love float tanks are amazed by Aquatic Therapy. It's another level of relaxation and healing.

Mrs Ping was an active 82 year old suffering from debilitating pain in her lower back and legs.

“What a blessing that my yoga teacher introduced me to Rebecca. My mother almost cancelled her overseas visit to Melbourne due to the intense pain she was experiencing in her lower back and legs. As an active 82 year old who regularly swam and played tennis, the pain had been debilitating. Just one session with Rebecca and my mother truly experienced calm and learnt how to breathe deeply. For the next few days, there was only a hint of pain remaining. She was standing up straighter and there was freedom when walking. It was her first time experiencing complete peace and relaxation in 82 years – an extremely valuable gift.”


Claire was six months pregnant with her second child.

“It was a wonderful and unique experience. Time became flexible, the session seeming to both fly by and be endless. Rebecca’s presence was reassuring, giving me a sense of being safe and cared for. I was in a floating world where I no longer knew which way up was, and in this way I felt closer to my baby, surely experiencing a similar situation in my womb. It is a relaxing, profound, otherworldly experience that I would recommend trying.”


Gurudaya was curious to experience the deep relaxation and presence evoked in an Aquatic Therapy session.

“The session allowed me, in a safe and supported way, to face many of my core fears in life. I went beyond my lack of trust and need for control. It facilitated an experience in which I softened and completely let go. Although this is due partly to the nature of Aquatic Therapy it was also due to Rebecca’s integrity, care and skill as a practitioner. Rebecca is perfectly at home in the medium of water and her passion for her work is inspiring. She holds an intimate space for deep healing to occur. The experience was so powerful that it changed how I view the experience of living and dying. In many ways it was a re-birth, into a more holistic and fulfilling experience of life.”


Gayle describes herself as “not a water person” but she was curious to try an Aquatic Therapy session.

“I was initially a little nervous at the prospect of floating for so long in a pool. My anxiety just fell away as Rebecca gently and lovingly supported me through the whole process, and I gradually lost my awareness of time and space and experienced a deep meditative state. Rebecca was always there, guiding me even though I became unaware of her presence as the process developed. I felt totally safe in Rebecca’s hands and trusted her ability to know what I needed and when I needed it. It was a beautiful and transformative experience. Thank you Rebecca.”


Justin has a stressful and demanding job, physically and mentally. He was hoping for relaxation and relief.

“My first aquatic therapy session with Rebecca was the most relaxed and calm that I have ever found myself. From the very start I could feel my breathing slowing, each breath becoming deeper and smoother. Feeling so relaxed and comfortable in the warm water made me concentrate on nothing but breathing. The result was total state bliss. I can’t wait for my next session and recommend this amazing experience to anyone.”


Catherine was wanting some time for self care.

“Experiencing this therapy with Rebecca is one of the most pleasurable treats anyone could give themselves. As she told me, ‘water is love,’ and as I was held, swayed and moved through it I surrendered more and more deeply, becoming blissfully relaxed and peaceful. In my case, this feeling of unconditional love and safety has allowed unconscious material to surface, be seen and released. After only three sessions I am feeling substantially easier and more joyful in my body and life. It seems incredible that something so gentle could be so powerful.”



Rebecca has trained in various water modalities including Fluid Presence, Waterdance, Aquatic Integration and Watsu. She is passionate about movement and presence and how they catalyse healing and transformation, and lived in California for many years immersed in the teachings of internationally recognised aquatic therapy, conscious movement and energy healing pioneers.

Rebecca is devoted to the experience of embodiment and has explored many yoga, movement, breath and somatic practices. She is a long-time dancer of 5Rhythms, Body Mind Centering, Sylvie Minot's Medicine Circle and Open Floor. She is a trained facilitator with the non-profit Syzygy Dance Project.

She teaches weekly movement classes to recovering addicts and has assisted classes with veterans and incarcerated women. Self inquiry, conscious communication, deep listening, boundaries and truth are of great importance to Rebecca and she brings an authentic curiosity and exploration of these themes to her sessions. Her gifts as an energy intuitive are also woven into her offering.

Working with the water is a calling and honour. The water's gifts are profound, offering learning and healing around trust, surrender, softening, fear, intimacy, creative flow, birth, death, our interconnectedness and receiving greater love. The water has changed Rebecca's experience of life. She is grateful to share its ancient and potent wisdom with you.


Aquatic Therapy sessions are held at the hydrotherapy pool in the Wellness Centre at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC) in Albert Park. This spacious, therapeutic pool is heated to 34.5°C and in a separate location on the third floor. Day, evening and weekend times are available. It’s suggested that you allow space for reflection and integration after the session.

INDIVIDUAL SESSION (60 minutes) - $150
First session (75 minutes) - $175
Additional 15 minute increments - $30
Resting back into the arms of the practitioner you are floated, stretched, cradled, massaged and moved through warm water (34.5°C). With the use of nose clips you may also be submerged underwater (optional). 
The nature of water is all about inviting a quality of spaciousness into our being and lives so longer sessions are available on request and often suggested.

RESET PACKAGE - THREE SESSIONS (60 minutes each) - $395 - one month expiry
Multiple sessions are suggested for those who want a deeper experience of Aquatic Therapy and its healing potential. Each session is unique and builds upon the one prior, with the body progressively softening and opening to receive more. A reset to your Mind, Body and Spirit.

SELF CARE PACKAGE - SIX SESSIONS (60 minutes each) - $790 - six month expiry
A monthly gift to Self. Modern life can be overly stimulating. It's important to find time for rest and rejuvenation. The Self Care Package is perfect for stressed out Professionals, Parents, Athletes, Academics and Creatives. Each session is unique and your experience will continue to deepen. When you give to yourself, you have more to share with others.

PREGNANCY PACKAGE - SIX SESSIONS (60 minutes each) - $790 - six month expiry
A profound journey between mother and child. Through movement, visualisation and intention we'll cultivate communication and connection during this pre-birth time. Warm water is the perfect environment for this type of exploration. Sessions will track the developmental stages of the baby in the womb, whilst also supporting the mother's emotional and physical process.

Experience the magic of warm water and a taste of Aquatic Therapy at the monthly Warm Water Meditation and Float event. It's deeply relaxing and restorative and different to any other meditation you've encountered. This is a MOVEMENT MEDITATION. See Facebook Events page for full details and dates. Bookings are required as spaces are limited.

The perfect gift for a loved one or even for yourself.


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